Equipment-free Workplace Fitness

Bring Seonaidh into your office for a whole day! Great for well-being weeks, post deadline recovery and employee perks!

All you need is a meeting room or space that can be cleared to give enough space. Sessions are available for different lengths of time for different needs:

30 minutes (£25)

45 minutes (£30)


60 minutes (£35)

If you'd additional information on workplace fitness sessions click here for the 2019/20 brochure, or fill out the contact form below.

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Manual Handling Training Plus

Conventional Manual Handling training just doesn't quite cut it for some jobs and industries. This is where Manual Handling Training PLUS comes in. 

Spend a full morning on traditional Manual Handling Training with a fully qualified Level 3 Manual Handling Trainer, before an afternoon on site focusing on bio-mechanics and efficient movement. We will cover the tasks performed by your staff and give them tools to...

  • Warm up effectively

  • Use their body efficiently & reduce injury risk

  • Restore their bodies after a hard day at work

We meet your HSE training requirements and go above and beyond for your staff. If you'd like to more information please download the 2019/20 brochure click here or use the contact form below.

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Phone   +44 (0) 77093 24225