​Whenever I go to the gym, I tend to focus mainly on my legs and cardio. Seonaidh has really helped me to see the potential I have in regards to working and building my upper body and core strength. I didn't work my upper body at all this time last year and now I do so regularly! She mixes up each session so no two are the same; I enjoy not knowing what is coming next. I have seen a lot of improvement in all areas of my body. I also do flexibility training with Seonaidh; focusing on my back. I have noticed a definite change in how my back feels in day to day movements. I used to wake up in agony with lower back pain but the occurrences of this have been drastically reduced since we started working on my back. I have also noticed a change in my gym workouts do to my stronger back helping with my form! Even though we only train once a week, the benefits carry through into my every day life. Seonaidh has really helped me engage in a broader variety of movement and shown me just how much I can do when I push myself. I am really grateful!

Anita E

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